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To prevent cognitive decline one requires assessment, brain training and persistent monitoring. Not a single one can be excluded.

Cognitive Index "MVI"

mvPortal obtains game data from Brainastic and computes your cognitive values, presented as MVI.


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Real-time Data Update

Simultaneous data update and analysis is carried out every time when a game is completed. Through our large database, we bring you insights for developing a more customized training approach such as best and weak cognitive areas, rate of improvement and performance against users.

Regular Performance Report

mvPortal keeps updating your "Brain Transcript" - Key data is extracted and summarized into regular reports, which embodies the abstract efficacy of training, is opened for download.

Meet the needs of different groups

Individual users can view the mental performance of themselves and their loved ones through mvPortal, while organizations can monitor the training data of all their members and download performance reports in one go.

It is not necessary to install any additional software. Just open the web browser, visit the portal link, log in and you can get access to your training records and data. Easy and simple.

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