Our brand new brain training approach entirely
for your organizations and members

We help enhancing effectiveness and adding colours to your services
by abandoning old-fashioned ways of cognitive training.

Two powerful tools

Coaching and tracking


An Upgrade to Pro Version

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Members management & stat

Members' performance report

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Enjoy our warm service solely for your organizations

Accounts Opening in Bulk

We help set up a large number of accounts at one time, saving your time for repeated data entry.

Staff Training Workshop

We offer orientation session teaching your staff how to operate and use the applications.

Train The Trainer

We help train passionate volunteers to become trainers of your coming cognitive training classes.

Free Hardware Installation Service

We provide complimentary support for any set up, installation and assembly of hardware. We are glad to assist any time when you encounter problem or damage regarding hardware functions or parts.

Technical Support

Service hotline is available for answering your enquiries on any technical problems about the applications.

Flexible adoption. Cooperate with and extend your services all around.

Brainastic training programme can be used in:

  • Regular cognitive training class
  • Home care service
  • One of the workout sessions of a new course
  • Leisure activity, entertainment or irregular training by members

We could do more to construct a brain-healthy community.
Let's think about what we can do.